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William Optics Pair of Riser Blocks

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  • Pair of riser blocks for elevating telescope mounting
  • Compatible with various William Optics and standard mounting systems
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  • Description
  • The William Optics Pair of Riser Blocks is a practical accessory designed to enhance the versatility and functionality of telescope mounting systems. These riser blocks provide additional height to your telescope setup, allowing for improved clearance and flexibility in various observing situations.


    Ensure compatibility with your specific telescope mount and optical tube assembly before purchase. Verify weight capacity and dimensional requirements for your setup.

    Design and Functionality

    These riser blocks are precision-engineered to provide a stable and secure elevation for your telescope mount. They offer additional clearance between the mount and the optical tube, which can be crucial for larger telescopes or when extra range of motion is needed.

    William Optics Pair of Riser Blocks front view


    William Optics Pair of Riser Blocks side view

    Crafted from high-quality materials, likely aluminum or another durable metal alloy, to ensure stability and longevity. The construction is designed to withstand the weight of telescope setups while minimizing flexure or vibration.


    Designed to work seamlessly with various William Optics mounting systems and potentially compatible with other standard astronomical mounts. The riser blocks likely feature industry-standard attachment points and dimensions to ensure broad compatibility across different setups.

    Height Adjustment

    Provides a fixed increase in height to your telescope mounting system. The exact height increase should be confirmed with current product specifications, but typically ranges from a few centimeters to several inches, offering significant additional clearance for your setup.


    Designed for straightforward installation, likely requiring only basic tools. The riser blocks should integrate easily between your mount and telescope, with clear attachment points and possibly pre-drilled holes for secure fastening.


    Particularly useful for situations where additional clearance is needed, such as when using larger optical tubes, imaging trains with multiple accessories, or when observing near the horizon. Can also help in achieving better balance for certain telescope configurations.


    While primarily designed for astronomical use, these riser blocks can potentially be utilized in other optical setups that require additional height or clearance. Their robust construction and standard mounting interfaces make them adaptable to various scenarios beyond just telescope use.

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