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SharpStar 50EDPH f/5.5 Triplet APO

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The Sharpstar 50EDPH is an OTA with a 50mm aperture, 275mm focal length, and f/5.5 native focal ratio.

The 50EDPH is compact and lightweight, with a gross weight of 1.0kg (including the dovetail plate) and a total length of 196mm.

With excellent optical quality, user-friendly mechanical design, and a size that can be grasped in one hand, the 50EDPH is a perfect choice for daily observation and shooting.

The 50EDPH is a triplet air-spaced APO design, including two pieces of ED glass. The triplet design is rare for a telescope of such a small aperture, and the chromatic aberration control is exceptional.

The Sharpstar 50EDPH has a retractable lens hood to further shorten the overall length and increase portability.

The Sharpstar 50EDPH has a 70mm Vixen-style dovetail plate, which slotted 1/4-20 threaded holes, making it not only adapt to most equatorial mounts but can also be mounted on a tripod for use.

Before the focuser, Sharpstar 50EDPH design a 360°rotator, which is also equipped with a rotator locking screw.

The Sharpstar 50EDPH's focuser is a dual-speed rack and pinion rigid focuser, with a 1:10 precision fine adjustment knob and an overall travel length of 60mm.

The rear end of the Sharpstar 50EDPH is equipped with a 1.25" adapter, which can attach a 1.25" diagonal and eyepiece for visual observation.

It is worth mentioning that the Sharpstar 50EDPH also comes standard with two sections of 5cm M48 extension tubes. The extension tubes can be connected to the eyepiece for visual observation instead of the diagonal, or to a planetary camera for planetary imaging.

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