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Sky-Watcher Wave 100i Strainwave Mount

UGC SW-S30900
Prix d'origine $1,695.00 USD - Prix d'origine $1,695.00 USD
Prix d'origine
$1,695.00 USD
$1,695.00 USD - $1,695.00 USD
Prix actuel $1,695.00 USD


  • Wave 100i GoTo strainwave head
  • EQ and AZ modes
  • Weighs 9.5 pounds (4.3kg)
  • 22-pound (10kg) payload capacity without optional counterweight
  • 33-pound (15kg) payload capaciy with optional counterweight
  • Dual D/V hybrid saddles
  • Included secondary saddle
  • Latitude range from 0° to 90°
  • Red LED for latitude scale and bubble level
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • RA power off braking function
  • RA and DEC home position functions
  • Requires 12V 2A power (not included)
  • Optional tripod, pier extension, and counterweight kit not included
  • Optical Tube not included 
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Taking advantage of the strain wave design with its high torque and compact construction, these mounts deliver high precision and power in an affordable and portable package. With exclusive features found on no other strain wave mounts, the Wave series is a serious update and upgrade to Sky-Watcher’s already immensely popular family of astronomy mount platforms.

Boasting 22 and 33 pounds of payload capacity respectively (33 and 55 pounds with optional counterweight kits), the Wave 100i and 150i are incredibly compact and lightweight (9.5 and 12.8 pounds) and stow in durable carry cases with dense, machine-cut foam perfectly suited for travel.  Sky-Watcher’s Wave mounts also feature both EQ and AZ tracking modes with RA and Dec home positions, D/V hybrid saddles, 0–90-degree latitude range, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, RA power-off braking, 12v 2a power (not included), and a red backlit latitude display and bubble level to make your setup routine that much easier.


Exclusive Features

Dual Saddles: For solar imagers, eclipse chasers, and outreach enthusiasts the smaller Wave 100i comes standard with a secondary saddle that mounts over the counterweight port allowing users to mount up to 22 lbs. of equipment on each saddle in Alt-Az mode.

Fast Slewing: Track satellites and space stations with the Wave’s swift slew rate of 10 degrees per second and the downloadable Satellite Tracker Application for Windows PC found on Sky-Watcher’s International Support website.


Key Features

Strainwave Drive Technology: The Wave mount was built around advanced strain wave drive technology which delivers exceptionally smooth and precise tracking without the need of bulky counterweights, tripods, and mount heads. This approach allows users to capture stunning images of celestial objects on a more streamlined platform without sacrificing performance.

Robust Payload Capacity: Whether you’re mounting a small wide field refractor, a stocky Mak-Cassegrain, a massive astrograph, or a long, glass-heavy triplet, the Wave's adaptive payload capacity and slew of add-ons and accessories ensures compatibility with a wide range of optical tubes and tripods. This adaptability provides a stable platform for an entirely open ecosystem tailor-made by the user with an intuitive interface and a fit and finish that inspires confidence.

Seamless Connectivity: The Wave mount easily integrates with Sky-Watcher's SynScan hand controller or SynScan app allowing users to control their telescopes by hand or wirelessly via smartphone or tablet, as well as through third-party control platforms (ASIAir, Eagle, StellarMate, etc.) enabling access to advanced features like plate solving and automated imaging runs.

Options, Add Ons, and Accessories: Choose á la carte-style to suit your needs be it the stainless-steel counterweight kit, pier adapter, carbon fiber or steel tripod, mount head only, or fully decked out kits with optical tubes included. The Wave has got you covered.

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