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APM Center Mount for 120 mm APM SD Apo Binoculars 45° & 90°

Ideal for nature and sky viewing. A stable binocular mount for all 45° & 90° APM 120 binoculars. The rotary movement is free and precise in the horizontal and vertical axis. With the integrated standard tripod connector, the mount fits all standard tripods with 3/8 inch connector. Suitable for enlargements up to approx. 70x. Made in Germany.

The advantages of binoculars mount:
  • Allows fast and precise rotation without "jerking"
  • Fits all APM SD Apo 120mm binoculars with 45° & 90°
  • In comparison to fork mounting, low weight and thus easily transportable
  • Quickly installed
Deliverd with:
  • Bino Mount with 3/8 Inch Connector