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ZWO AM5N Harmonic Equatorial Mount

by ZWO
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Original price
$1,999.00 USD
$1,999.00 USD - $1,999.00 USD
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  • 15kg payload
  • Periodic error of +/-10 arc seconds
  • Ultra-low temperature of operation even at -20°C
  • Cable management
  • New bluetooth function
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  • Discover the ultimate solution for astrophotographers and stargazers with the ZWO AM5N Harmonic Drive Mount, a game-changer in the world of equatorial mounts. Traditional mounts often require cumbersome counterweights, making setup, transit, and storage a hassle. Newer harmonic mounts, while innovative, frequently fall short in functionality, load capacity, stability, and ease of use.

    ZWO AM5N Features

    A revolution for astrophotography

    The ZWO AM5N Harmonic Drive Mount is engineered to overcome these challenges. It eliminates the need for heavy counterweights, boasting a high load capacity of 15kg without counterweights and up to 20kg with just a 5kg counterweight. This mount seamlessly blends portability and stability, ensuring you can effortlessly transport and set up your equipment wherever your adventures take you.

    The internal structure is optimized with a strain wave geared reducer and synchronous belt, achieving precise control with a 300:1 reduction ratio

    Precision is at the heart of the ZWO AM5N, thanks to ZWO's customized strain wave geared reducer, delivering exceptional accuracy within 10". Versatile and adaptable, this mount can function as both an equatorial and alt-azimuth mount, with an impressive altitude adjustment range of 0-90 degrees.

    Enhance your astrophotography experience with the ZWO AM5N Harmonic Drive Mount – where innovation meets reliability, and every detail is designed with your passion in mind.

    Astronomy-Dedicated Strain Wave Gear

    The ZWO AM5N Harmonic Drive Mount features a meticulously engineered strain wave gear, developed in collaboration with renowned manufacturers. This specialized motor is designed specifically for astrophotography, providing ultra-low periodic error, stable transmission, and high torque output. Each mount undergoes rigorous testing to ensure a periodic error within 10 arcseconds, guaranteeing unparalleled performance and precision for your astrophotography needs.

    5.5kg Mount Weight

    ZWO Camera TEC Cooling

    Despite its lightweight design, the ZWO AM5N Harmonic Drive Mount does not compromise on stability. The mount is meticulously optimized to ensure exceptional stability during use, providing a reliable and secure platform for your astrophotography endeavors.

  • Mount Type

    German Equatorial Mount

    Mount Mode:



    Strain Wave Gear + Synchronous belt (300:1 reduction ratio)

    Periodic Error


    Drive (RA)

    Stepper motor+synchronous belt+ 17 type 100 reduction ratio strain wave gear + brake

    Drive (DEC)

    Stepper motor+synchronous belt+ 17 type 100 reduction ratio strain wave gear + brake


    15kg (without counterweight)

    20kg (with counterweight) @ 25cm

    Mount weight


    Latitude adjustment range


    Azimuth adjustment range


    Dovetail saddle

    D and V series

    Interface thread for counterweight bar




    Max slow speed


    Slew speed

    0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x, 60x, 720x, 1440x

    Power port

    2.1 x 5.5mm DC 12V 3A

    Power consumption

    Standby: 12V 0.5A

    Tracking 12V 0.7A

    GoTo: 12V/1.2A

    Autoguide port




    Zero Position


    Operation temperature


    Power-off brake

    RA axis

    Cable Management


    • AM5N
    • Case
    • 2m USB2B to USB2A Cable
    • Periodic error report
    • Quick Guide
    • Hand controller
    • 2m hand controller cable
    • 1m USB2C to USB2A cable
    • M6 Allen key
  • Download here

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