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After the 2" 6nm duo-narrowband filter (Hα+OIII), Askar ColourMagic Specially launches the SII+OIII 2" 6nm duo-narrowband filter, which is further convenient for astronomy enthusiasts while maintaining quality. When shooting with the 2" 6nm duo-narrowband filter (Hα+OIII) and a color camera, users will have remarkable results.

Usually in astrophotography, the Hα signal-to-noise ratio is stronger while the OIII is relatively weak. As our two duo-narrowband filters are Hα+OIII and SII+OIII, the combination can balance the signal-to-noise ratio of each channel when shooting, and after software processing, it can achieve the ideal result almost as well as shooting with a combination of three narrowband filters and mono camera.

We name the Hα+OIII 2" 6nm duo-narrowband filter “D1” and the SII+OIII filter “D2”, the combination of them is Askar's latest "D" filter set. It offers a new way for color camera users to get similar results without using a mono camera and the SHO filters.