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Lumicon 1.25 Inch Lunar & Planetary Color Filter Set (Dark) is an excellent, general-purpose set of four of Lumicon’s most popular 1.25" lunar and planetary filters. These filters improve the viewing experience by enhancing fine details and increasing contrast on the Moon and planets.

  • #15 Dark Yellow Color Filter – Well suited for observing polar caps and clouds on Mars, stark details on the Moon, red-blue contrast on Jupiter, and the clouds and red-orange contrast features of Saturn.
  • #25 Red Color Filter – Highlight details on Mercury, make Venus and its terminator pop against dawn/dusk, explore maria on Mars, cloud bands on Jupiter and Saturn, and reveal dusky features on Uranus and Neptune.
  • #47 Violet Color Filter – Best for looking at polar caps on Mars, clouds on Venus, and the rings of Saturn.
  • #58 Green Color Filter – Ideal for searching out clouds on Venus, polar ice caps on Mars, red-blue contrasts on Jupiter, and the belts and polar regions of Saturn.

Fits the barrel of any 1.25" eyepiece.