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The gigantic field of view (100°) of the TS XWA eyepieces

With best contrast will pleasure your eyes with unforgettable views - thanks to the extensive engineering and fully multi-coated lens surfaces. If you observe with this eyepiece, you might forget that you sit behind a telescope.

♦ Incredibly wide field of view: 100º
♦ Fully multi-coated lenses provide superior light transmittance
♦ Lowered chromatic aberration
♦ Improved contrast in comparison with related eyepieces

Excellent Contrast

♦ Lens edges and internal spacers are fully blackened
♦ Flaring and ghosting on high-contrast objects has been eliminated
♦ Parfocal
♦ No more annoying distortions such as internal reflections or kidney beaning

Fantastic Fit and Finish

♦ Anodized black barrel with high resistance
♦ Smooth design for no internal focuser hook-up
♦ Threaded for 2" filters