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APM Fork Mount with AMT Encoder for large Binoculars

The APM fork mount is the result of user feed back. The optimum, smooth manual tracking, coupled with nearly no vibrations and at the same time a high load capacity are unsurpassed. Modern mounting with integrated encoders.

Therefore, the APM fork mount is the first choice for your binocular.

Fields of application
  • solid azimuth mount for Astronomy - suitable for our new APM ED 100mm and 120 mm Binocular

  • Alt/azimuth Fork mount
  • Weight 12.3 lb
  • Tripod connection with 3/8" photo tripod thread
  • Panning area 360°, tilting from horizon to zenith
  • Accessory interface with a long hole and 3/8" screw
  • Adjustable friction in Altitude and Azimuth
  • integrated encoder

Tilting up to Zenith

Through the special fork design this mount enables you to tilt up to the zenith. So you can use it for astronomy and nature observing.

Technical details

The Pivot bearing (base) is made as ball bearing.
The distance of the fork-arms is 28 cm inside, and 36 cm outside. This fork-mount is suitable for our 100mm and 120 mm binoculars, and the 28x110 binocular. The fork mount is equipped with two capacitive AMT encoders. A digital readout unit and a suitable connection cable are required otional.

Delivery contents

  • Fork mount
  • 3/8" Mounting screw
  • AMT Encoder
  • Cover for both Encoder
  • Cable (for example Nexus Hand controller)
  • Mounting plate for Nexus

Note: The Nexus Controller is not included!


pack size:
17 cm x 36 cm x 36 cm
high-strength aluminum alloy
Type of mount:
azimuthal fork mount
thread at the base 3/8"
Weight over all:
12.3 lbs