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APM Red Dot Finder for all Telescopes and the new APM 70mm, 82mm, 100mm and 120mm ED/SD and Semi Binos

The brightness is optimized for astronomical observations.

The finder will be delivered with a special findershoe. This will be mounted with one or two screws on allmost every telescope. The distance of the mounting holes is 14 mm, 2 M5 screws are included. At our new APM binoculars the threads are allready there so you can directly mount the finder.

The glass window is coated and will be protected with a cover during transportation. Also this cover protects the glass agains fogging. This finder is made for astronomy and also for nature observing and target shooting. For this it can be adjusted in brightness in 7 steps. Also there are 4 different reticles: a dot, a cross, a cross with a small circle and a dot with a larger circle.

The brightness is adjustable - also suitable for astronomical observations!
In the weakest setting ideal for astronomical observations and in the brightest setting for day observations. The brightness for astronomical observations was selected so that the target symbols of the viewfinder do not illuminate the searched object. This is then also the essential characteristic compared to other manufacturers, whose viewfinders are actually designed exclusively for day observations!

This finder is made in very high quality completely from metal and it´s weight is only 150 g. The viewing position is 80 mm above tube and so it´s very comfortable.

Delivery contains:
  • LED Red Dot Finder
  • Finder Shoe with two Screws M5
  • Allen Key
  • Cover for Window
  • Cleaning Cloth


Connection to telescope:
via included Finder Shoe with 2 M5 Screws
Viewing Window coated
Housing material:
Made for:
all Telescopes and APM100ED Binoculars
Type of viewfinder:
Red Dot Finder
ca. 5,3 oz.