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Never before has an eyepiece clamp for amateur astronomy been so elaborately crafted.

Ever since Baader Planetarium first introduced their superb Clicklock clampimg system we have hounded them to produce a premium Clicklock version of their 2"/1¼” reducer. The new T2-15B is the result, and it delivers on every count. As with the standard T2-15, the new T2-15b Clicklock reducer is produced to close tolerances, is hard anodized, and incorporates 2" (M48) filter threads as well as internal T-threads (M42) for attaching the T2-15B to other Baader accessories such as diagonals.

The clicklock system securely locks your 1¼” eyepieces with a fierce non-marring grip, with just a quick 20degree twist of the knurled outer ring. A knurled Clamp Lever is also provided for added convenience, and to give a quick visual indication of clamp position. The innovative clicklock system uses internal hardened camming elements that securely lock eyepieces into the barrel, while precisely aligning and squaring their optical axis. Simpler low cost holders employ a threaded ring and simple ferrule style collet that does not guarantee alignment or squareness.

The Baader ClickLock (1¼" / 2") is a precisely fitting, very massive eyepiece clamp without clamping screws. Inserted eyepieces, CCD cameras and similar accessories are securely held in place, locked against rotation and wont be scratched in any way! With a small turn of 20°, each eyepiece is firmly clamped. You will never have to handle small locking screws again – instead, just rotate the top of the eyepiece clamp for a few degrees, and the eyepiece will be firmly fixed. This is also no problem with gloves on!

Our various ClickLock clamps are made of seven precision-machined components which provide a highly effective retention mechanism that securely holds any 1¼" or 2" eyepiece. The clamp is very expensive to assemble, the price therefore initially may appear high for "nothing more than" a clamping device. But if you think about the comfort, precision and stability, its well worth the money.

You do not have to tighten the ClickLock clamps with brutal force, because the mechanical principle comes from professional mechanical engineering. This is how the tool holder in modern CNC milling centers works. Clever use of leverage multiplies the torque. The inserted object is held on three sides similar to a quick-action chuck and can therefore no longer carry out any tilting movements.

Details on Baader ClickLock Reducer from 2" to 1¼"

  • Precision machined reducer to complement the Baader 2" ClickLock-System, inserted height only 9.5mm
  • Firmly holds all 1¼" eyepieces, accessories, and diagonals
  • ClickLock compression ring made of hardened bronze ensures lifetime non-marring operation
  • Fingertip operated twist-lock system works like a CNC machine chuck – onto the compression ring
  • Bidirectional ratcheted lever (no thumbscrew!) indicates open/close position in the dark
  • Gentle touch onto the lever results in ultra-strong locking action – and easy release
  • Accepts all astronomical, cell-mounted 2" eyepiece-filters
  • T-2 (M42x0.75) inner photo-thread attaches onto most T-2 threaded accessories and all Baader T-2 diagonals