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  • Heavy duty quick release clamping for heavy accessories - with non-rotating brass plunger
  • Optical path length 11 mm
  • With Zeiss micro-bayonett
  • Includes 1x Baader Molded Plastic Cap T-2 for Zeiss Quick Changer (#2904020)

T-2 Quick Changer(# T2-06, T2-06A)

The T-2 Quick Changers incorporate machined internal dovetail lips, and a large nickel plated brass knurled thumbscrew for securely clamping the T-2 Change Rings (#07) - or in the case of the new Heavy-Duty Quick Changer (#T2-6A) incorporates a non-rotating clamping block that gives even greater holding power. The Quick Changers are provided with an internal T-2 thread, which mates with any external threaded T-2 component, or adapted directly to your telescope.

NEW! Heavy duty T-2 Quick Changer System #T2-6A,7 is a combination of parts #6A and 7 This is a much improved product in Baader's Astro T-2-System portfolio of telescope essentials. This changer-combo works similar to the standard T-2 Changing System #T2-6,7, but it is suitable for extremely heavy duty accessories. The difference between both Systems is part-no.6 versus part-no.6A. The (T2-6A) T-Quick Changer (with Zeiss pressure block) literally equals the Zeiss-original - only it incorporates a contemporary T-2 female thread (M42x0.75) instead of the Zeiss thread of M44. We are glad that this T-2 clamping/rotating system now is fit for the next 25 years. It will fasten almost any load with utmost security.