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  • 1¼" nosepiece with T-2 thread and M28.5 filterholder
  • Barrel with 24mm Insertion and securing groove
  • Focus side with T-2 external thread telescope side with 1¼ " outer diameter
  • Each SBIG CCD camera from the ST-5 is equipped with the Baader-socket

We offer two sizes of T-2 Nosepieces, which allow you to mount your T-2 accessories or Digital Camera into standard 1¼” or 2" focusers or accessories. Both nosepieces have an external T-2 thread on one end, for attaching to T-2 system components. Typical applications include use as the input piece for the Precision Amici Diagonal and OPFA System (afocal and ocular projection).

The latest version of the 2" Nosepiece (T2-16) now incorporates a removable 'stop ring', enabling the nosepiece to slip fully inside 2" barrels for even lower profile or other creative uses.

The nosepiece outside diameters are precisely machined and finished to provide a secure fit with a minimum of slop or decentering. Both nosepieces feature a recessed groove that provides an extra measure of security to prevent accidental slippage. The 1¼” nosepiece is provided with standard 1¼” filter threads as well as an internal M34 thread for accepting the VIP Barlow Lens or Glasspath Compensators (for Baader/Zeiss Bino-Viewer), and the 2” nosepiece has both 48mm filter threads and a nested internal T-2 thread to enable even more uses within the system. Of course, both nosepieces incorporate full internal sharp V-threading and blackening to reject stray light and maintain maximum contrast.