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  • Baader-Filterbox for Filters up to 65 x 65mm
  • To upgrade your existing filters: since ca. 2010 included in scope of supply of all Baader Filters
  • Baader filter boxes can be attached laterally and above the other to create a sturdy unit. Each filter is then neatly in its own drawer and characterised from the front with name, number and size of filter.
  • Outer measurements without slits, grip and hanger (Width x Length x Height): 74,5 x 73 x 21,5 mm
  • Inner space: 67 x 68 mm
  • Why Baader Planetarium Filters?

Included with *each Baader filter is their unique stackable, modular filter box. This innovative storage box includes a sliding drawer with foam padding (the display hanger tab can be easily removed for). The filterbox housing has dovetail rails that allow the boxes to be interlocked on their top, bottom, and sides, to enable connection of multiple boxes into an array. The blister hanger at the rear side is easily detached if desired.* (not included with 36mm Unmounted Filters or DSLR Conversion Filters)

Formerly supplied only with their filters, the Baader Filterboxes are now available separately. Build your own filter storage container by simply combining multiple Baader Filterboxes in any combination desired.


MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
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