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  • A widefield camera adapter for all Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron/Meade telescope tubes. Allows T-2 accessories to be used with an SCT thread.
  • Telescope side UNC 2" (50.8mm) nut with internal thread. Focus side T-2 external thread. Optical path length 16mm.
  • Short T-adapter for all SC and MAK telescopes. Wide image field ideal for mounting the Baader or Zeiss binocular to Celestron Telescopes.
  • Fits all Scmidt-Cassegrain 2" thread for 5/6/8/9.25/11/14 OTAs

These short T-2 threaded adapters enable you to couple all of the T-threaded components of the ASTRO T-2 System™ to your popular SCT while using a minimum of valuable back-focus distance. The Deluxe Short adapter (#T2-21) is particularly useful in attaching the optimized SCT photo-visual Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor, and fits all Celestron and Meade Schmidt Cassegrains. The short lengths also permit you to pair the Alan Gee II Telecompressor with the Baader/Zeiss Giant Binocular Viewer – providing incredible large-aperture wide field binocular viewing at f/5.9! Of course, the internal surface is fully sharp threaded and blackened to kill stray light reflections. Using the Short T-Adapters and Astro T-2 System, your SCT becomes the perfect platform for a wide array of potential visual and imaging configurations.

We offer two adapters to choose from. The Deluxe Adapter (#T2-21) uses only 15mm of distance and offers an additional knurled ring that allows a grip surface for rotation of your T-threaded component. The UltraShort Adapter (# SCT-T) delivers the shortest possible length (10mm) by simplifying and ommiting the knurled grip ring on the T-threaded portion. Both include wide fluted surfaces to enable better grip and result in more secure locking onto the 2" SCT thread.