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  • Quick mounting of optics with all EQ standard Celestron / Skywatcher / Vixen dovetail
  • Massive but lightweight EQ-clamp, 190 mm (7.5") long w. multi-contact ribbed dovetail face
  • Bottom side featuring various predrilled hole patterns to fit onto DEC-face of most mounts (Takahashi, 10Micron, Astro-Physics, Vixen, Celestron)
  • With an integrated 3 "dovetail, suitable for all mounts with 3" (Losmandy)
  • 3D-printed ring wrench for Baader clamping knobs #2450071is recommended

Baader PAN-EQ clamp V 190 - massive but lightweight EQ clamp

For fast attachment of all lenses with EQ-standard Celestron / Sky-Watcher / Vixen.

Length 190 mm, counter-pressure surface with multi-contact shaft milling for particularly gripping clamping effect even with low clamping forces.

With two large-area clamping blocks made of stainless steel / hard brass. Bottom side provided with holes suitable for mountings of Takahashi, 10Micron, Astro-Physics, Vixen, Celestron and much more. Additionally with integrated 3" dovetail, suitable for all mounts with 3" (Losmandy) clamping device. Also suitable as adapter / dovetail adapter of 3" on EQ standard.

The Pan EQ terminal V190 includes all mounting holes for attaching a variety of standard mountings (see instructions). In addition, the 3" (Losmandy) dovetail joint is milled on the bottom side so that this clamping device can alternatively also serve as a transition piece in order to be able to mount a tube with an EQ rail on a wide 3" (76 mm) clamp. Last but not least, the Pan V190 also fits on many pipe clamps to connect a guide tube free of distortion and quickly detachable for fast operation.