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Daystar Quark Gemini H alpha Filter: Contains both Prominence and Chromosphere bandpass filters for instant slide-action switching between either view. Now, observers can enjoy the best of both options in one easy to use tool with no equipment swapping or refocusing of any kind. Push the slider arm side to side like in an eye exam to see the broad stroked prominences of wider bandpass, then the high contrast of narrow bandpass. Imagers can do comparison images and outreach astronomers can demonstrate surface structure and prominences and the science involved in wing shift.

Specifications: Fully self contained solar filter, safe for human eyes and imaging.
Off-band blocking X-ray to 2microns. 22mm clear eyepiece aperture.
Fits into 1.25" and 2" telescope drawtubes - designed for use on refractor telescopes of F/5-F/8
Comes standard with 1.25" female eyepiece drawtube. T-adapter, C-mount adapter or 2" drawtube adapters are optionally available.

Includes built-in 4.3X telecentric barlow optimized for Hydrogen Alpha 656nm wavelength.
Contains TWO separate, independent Fabry Perot etalons of different FWHM bandpass ranges.
• One etalon of 0.5Å FWHM bandpass or narrower
• One etalon of 0.6Å FWHM bandpass or wider.
• Paired etalons will be matched to maximize effect of wide vs narrow bandpass.

Requires 2.0Amp 5VDC 10watts electrical power.
Includes wall adapter for 110-240VAC including international power plugs.
Boxed in environmentally controlled pelican style case.
Fits all visual and imaging adapters in Quark product line.