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The next-generation of adaptive optics for our SBIG large-format cameras.

The SBIG AO-X is a large aperture AO designed to be compatible with all large format SBIG cameras, including STX-16803, STXL-16200, STXL-11000, STXL-6303, and Aluma AC4040. The AO-X requies minimal backfocus while offering a large 3″ aperture optical element, which is large enough to cover all sensors available in the STX, STXL, and Aluma AC series.

The AO-X requires an off-axis guide camera behind the device and in front of the filter wheel (FW8S-STXL or FW7-STX), such as the StarChaser SC-3. A Remote Guide Head may also be used if you have a custom Off-Axis Guider setup. Also works with the discontinued STX Guider and self-guided STXL filter wheels.

AO Results

The images below are actual star images showing the effect of image wander corrected at 1 Hz and 10 Hz:

1 Hz Corrections

10 Hz Corrections

And the resulting size of the star image in a long exposure:

1 Hz Corrections

10 Hz Corrections

Other data gathered by Brad Wallis of JPL (Brad Wallis and Benoit Schillings developed the prototype for the original AO-7) show the the effect of rapid corrections on poor seeing. At 1 Hz the larger, slower component is reduced, but the amplitude of the jitter remains about the same:

However, at a 5Hz correction rate, the faster jitter is reduced:

And at a 10 Hz correction rate, significant improvement is seen:

The improvement in stellar profiles can also be seen at corrections above 1 Hz. First by looking at the non-AO guided image:

And comparing the non-AO guided image to the AO guided image there is again significant improvement in the FWHM of the star profile:

Telescope mounts cannot correct faster than about once per second. The 10Hz rate of the AO-X will clearly result in improved resolution under the right conditions.



Supplied through Camera’s I2C Port

OS Compatibility

Windows 32 and 64 bit OS, Mac

Computer Interface



6 x 7 x 1.2 in.


2.2 lbs (1 kg)


Specification Sheet

Technical specifications for the AO-X.


User’s Manual

Installation and operation instructions for your AO-X adaptive optics unit.