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SHARPSTAR brand new 76EDPH is the second model in EDPH series, the overall appearance of streamlined design. The lens adopts triplet airspaced structure, one of which is ultralow dispersion ED glass, achromatic lens making the image more clear, both visual observation and astrography.
The focal length of 76MM aperture with a focal ratio of F5.5 would be 418MM, when the Dewshield is indented, the total length of tube is only 333MM, which is small and portable, and can be easily put into travel bags or taken on the plane, making it a good partner for expedition.
The high performance optical design and machining ensures the excellent quality of the 76EDPH, you can have full-frame images with the 2.5-inch F4.5 full frame reducer (optional), which further expands this model into a high quality lens with “fast” focal ratio.


Aperture: 76mm
Limiting star magnitude: 11.2
Focal ratio: F5.5
Resolution:1.5 arc seconds
Overall tube length: 332.9mm(indented state)
Accessories: A piece of tube ring, a dovetail plate, a handle
Main tube outer diameter: 100mm
Net weight: 2.3kg (sans tube ring and dovetail plate)
Total weight: 2.9kg (including tube ring and dovetail plate)
Objective type: Triplet air-spaced APO (one of which is ultra-low dispersion ED glass)