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Starlight Instruments 2.0" Adapter for Astro-Tech 6", 8" and GSO 6", 8" RC Telescope, WO Newer Megrez 80/90mm and WO GT81 Telescope

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Scope specific adapter, fits Astro Tech 6&8"" RC and GSO 6/8"" RC Telescopes and WO Newer Megrez 80, 90mm GT81 Telescopes.

Use with FTF2015BCR for the AT6/8"" RC and FTF2020BCR or FTF2025BCR for the WO GT81

Credit to Jaap van't Leven for the images


Use with FTF2015BCR for AT6/8 RC and FTF2020 or FTF2025BCR for WO Megrez 80/90 and WO GT81
Known To Fit Astro-Tech 6"", 8"", GSO 6"", 8"" RC Telescopes, WO Newer Megrez 80/90mm, and GT81
Thread on Entry (OTA | FRONT) Side of Draw Tube 90 x 1mm