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Starlight Instruments 2.0" Adapter for Orion Sky Quest, XT Intelliscope Telescopes w/ Bottom Mounting Hole Not Circular

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Scope specific adapter fits into Orion Sky Quest Base 8"", 10"", 12"", 14""XT Classic, XT Intelliscope telescopes with bottom mounting hole not in a complete circle. Early 2013 Orion/SkyWatcher changed the designe of their stock base. This new base has the bottom mounting hole that is not in a cicular pattern.

Click the below link which shows a picture of the new new stock base that shows the bottom mounting hole NOT in a circular pattern.

New Stock Base

Use with focuser FTF2025BCR


Use with FTF2025BCR
Known To Fit Orion/SkyWatcher Dob with new style Jan. (2013) stock base