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Micro Pinion Assembly Takahashi Retrofit, 2.7"" Diameter Telescope Focusers (fits Takahashi 102, TSA120,128, TOA130 with 2.7"" Telescopes)

For the Takahashi FC 100, the MPA-TAK2.5 is a better bit.

Known to Fit: Takahashi 102, FS102 TSA120, FS-128, TOA-130, 152N. AnyTakahashi 2.7inch stock Focuser
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Known To Fit Takahashi 102 , TSA120,128, TOA130
Use with Takahashi 2.7"" Stock Focusers
Other Info Fits Tak focusers with 90.04mm Outside Diameter
Reduction Ratio 10:1