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APM 2-part Adaptor Kit for 2,7x comacorrected barlow element - photography and visual using

Adaptor to T2 and Adaptor to 1,25"

The Barlow element is not included

The 2-part adapter is photo-visual optimized, visual with the optimal backfocus of 105 mm with the new APM-Deluxe Centering Brass-Clamp. This top Deluxe adapter has a length of 55 mm and can be unscrewed, than you get a photographic T2 thread (M42 x 0.75 mm) for use with DSLR with T2 adapter ring.

Scope of Delivery:

  • Adapter to T2 (M42x0,75) - perfect distance for DSLR and T-Ring (55mm)
  • Adaptor to 1,25" for visual using