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APM High eyerelief Flat-Wide 90 degree 12.5 mm eyepiece

A really high-quality astronomical observation with a telescope is determined not only by the optics but also by the choice of the eyepiece.
Wearers of eyeglasses with large fields of vision and especially with short-focal optics often have the problem that the field of vision with glasses can not be fully surveyed. The problem is solved with the new APM HI-FW eyepiece. The new HI-FW 84 ° eyepieces from APM also offer an extremely large, and with 23mm eye relief also for eyeglass wearers, perfectly manageable field of view even with short focal length optical systems. Only the combination of optimized haptics, very good image definition, high image quality, comfortable viewing and perfect contrast make the HI-FW eyepiece a high-quality eyepiece for wide-angle observations.
The mechanical processing is exemplary and the glasses are the highest standard. The eyepiece is in terms of value for money a real recommendation.

Features APM HI-FW eyepiece series:
  • High image sharpness
  • Thanks to the large eye area comfortable viewing behavior with glasses
  • Optimized edge sharpness even with fast optics
  • Blackened lens edges
  • Stainless steel sleeve with conical locking groove and filter thread
  • Flip-up eyecup
  • Optimized haptik
  • Excellent color fidelity

  • eyepiece
  • End cover


Filter thread / size:


Type of eyepiece:
Wide angle eyepiece
Focal length:
12.5 mm
Field of view:
Eye relief:
Rubber foldable for eyeglas wearer
1.2 lb