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Adjusting flange for M63 reducer

The problem is not unknown in the amateur astrophotographers: Focusing the optics as good as possible and at one edge, the sharpness is still not optimal.
What remains is that rather a compromise simply by cropping the edges of the image.

It raises the question of the causes of this edge blurring

Possible explanations

1) imbalance of the camera sensor (only fractions of a millimeter are sufficient)
2) Tilting the focuser
3) Miscollimation of the optics
4) Tilting of the eyepiece-side accessory (clamping or screwing)

Here is the solution:

With our M63 adjustment flange (basically a tilting mechanism) you can simply adjust the position of the camera's chip to the field of the telescope, no matter where the cause of the tilting is (only with
All you have to do is maintain the location and location of the adapter, correctors and camera, etc.

This is how it's done:

1. Make a test shot and identify the location of the Blurred Region
2. Loosen the countersunk screws (grub screws)
3. Adjust the adjustment screws where you see the image deterioration
3. Make another test shot. In case of image deterioration, you have turned in the wrong direction, then simply adjust counter direction. Improving your image is the way to go.
4. In the meantime, repeatedly make test shots and optimize the settings until you have an image with optimum sharpness.

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  • Adjusting flange for M63 reducer