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APM Telescopes HDC - XWA 13 mm 100° x-treme Wideangle Eyepiece

The new, extreme wideangle eyepieces by APM-Telescopes with gigantic 100° field of view. With its multicoated lenses it offers a brilliant contrast for unforgetable views. This eyepiece has many modifications to other 100° eyepieces.

  • incredibly wide field of view 100°
  • fully multicoated lenses provide superior light transmittance
  • lowered chromatic aberation
  • superior contrast
  • lens edges and internal spacers are fully blackened
  • flaring and ghosting on high contrast objects has been eliminated
  • easily converted from 1.25" to 2" and back by simply removing the included sleeve
  • fully anodized black barrel with high resistance to scratching
  • sealed against water
  • threaded for 1.25" and 2" filters
  • upper eyepiece part conical for best use at binoviewers
  • removeable eyeguard, under this M44.5 x 0.75 OD Thread for Cameras

Delivery contains:
  • Eyepiece
  • Dustcaps
  • Packaging


Type of eyepiece:
Hyper Wide Eyepiece
Focal length:
13 mm
Field of view:
Eye relief:
13 mm
Rubber foldable for eyeglas wearers
Lenses / groups:
9 / 6
Field stop:
22.5 mm
Fully multicoated
Barrel size / Filter thread:
1.25" with Filter Thread, additional 2" Barrel unscrewable
maximum outside Diameter 62.5 mm, Diameter of Eyeguard 48 mm
1.25" 153 mm, with 2" Adapter 157 mm
Camera thread:
M44.5 x 0.75
1,25" 461 g , with 2" Adapter 511 g (Without dustcover)