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Today Sharpstar announces the newest addition to its Askar FRA series, the Askar FRA600/5.6.
Following the excellent optical performance of its first FRA400/5.6, the FRA600/5.6 is an evolution of the FRA series, an upgraded lens has a 108mm aperture and a 600mm focal length, the f/ratio is still f/5.6, and the image circle is 66mm surpass the full frame!
This FRA600 Quintuplet Refractor is built on a Petzval design, comprising a front triplet and rear doublet lenses, two pieces of which are ED glass. This combination provides a high level of apochromatic performance for astroimaging.

With wonderful optical design, the FRA600 astrograph provides a 66mm image circle to ensure excellent star shape across the entire field whilst controlling chromatic aberration, minimizing the distortion.

The two lenses in the rear group have a diameter of 80mm, effectively counterbalancing the effect of decreasing field illumination. With the precise manufacturing, they obtain optimal sharpness nearly to the theoretical level, bringing you beautiful clear detailed images with round-shape stars.

The FRA600 comes with a large 4.2" rack-and-gear-based focuser which includes a standard 1:10 focal adjustment knob, the focuser greatly enhances the payload to a pro level, offering smooth operation without slipping when heavy imaging equipment and accessories are attached.

The focuser allows multiple connections. Besides, Askar also offers a standard conical extender with threads of M54×0.75 and M48×0.85 to connect various astrophotographic equipment.
Mechanically, the FRA600 has a tube diameter of 120mm and a retractable dew-shield. With the dew-shield retracted, the total length is only 493mm, making it a great portable 4" astrograph.

A set of multifunctional red anodized tube rings includes mounting points on three sides, making itself easy for attachment of accessories such as guider scope for backyard viewing.

In addition to supporting wide field astrophotography, the FRA600 is also perfect for high quality observation, providing exquisite chromatic aberration correction and creating images with impressive contrast comparable to visual experience.

The excellent performance would already justify its price if the FRA600 was a mere triplet APO refractor. But our FRA600 is a 4.3" Super APO Quintuplet Astrograph, its ingenuity has already exceeded its counterparts falling in the same price range.
Askar FRA600 Description 1
Askar FRA600 Dimensions
Askar FRA600 light
Askar FRA600 Spot Diagram


Aperture: 108mm
Focal Length: 600mm
Focal ratio: F5.6
Objective type:Quintuplet dual ED air-spaced APO
Image circle: 66mm
Back focus:160mm (from the end of rotator M68x1 thread)
Overall length: 493mm
Weight: 6.5kg
Options weight: 7.8kg
Back-end adapter: M108x1 male thread (no rotator), M90x1 male thread, 2" adapter/1.25" adapter

Conical adapter: M90x1 to M54x0.75, M54x0.75 to M48x0.75
Accessories: a pair pf tube rings, a handle, a dovetail plate, sectional conical tube adapter (with M54x0.75 and M48x0.75 male thread), an inspection list, a manual.