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  • Eyepiece barrel reducer, 1¼ "to 0.965" (24.5mm)
  • Threaded M28.5 for 1¼" filters
  • For using 0.965" (24.5mm) eyepieces in 1¼ "eyepiece holders and focusers
  • 6.5mm optical path length

Some of the world's finest planetary oculars are only available as .965" versions. This reducer will allow you to upsize your .965" eyepieces and accessories to the 1¼” standard., and to make use of 1¼” filters! Our reducer incorporates filter threads, and is the only .965 reducer we have ever seen that includes them! Now, you can finally make use of nebula and colored filters with your quality .965" eyepieces. Why it took this long to finally get this feature to market, we'll never know...

The accurate machining is especially useful for users of popular 1¼” Bino-Viewers. Now, you can make use of the numerous high quality .965" eyepieces (Takahashi/Pentax/Nikon/Zeiss), minimizing misalignments caused by decentering. A broad recessed retention groove adds a measure of safety, and the nickel plated brass lock screw has been machined with a radiussed point, in order to minimize marks on your fine eyepieces.