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  • M 36.4 is standard of Vixen telescopes
  • Telescope side external thread 36.4mm
  • Focuser side T-2 external thread (direct T-2 photo thread for Vixen, NexStar 4, Meade etc...)
  • Optical path length = 0.5 mm

The T2-03 adapter converts Vixen/Takahashi M36.4x1 (small) internal thread to the T-2 standard external thread, enabling you to solidly attach T-2 accessories to your Vixen, Takahashi, or Chinese telescope with 36.4mm threads (i.e. Celestron, Synta, Orion, and other Vixen ‘clones’). Note: this adapter can be used with the small step down ring provided with Takahashi telescope eyepiece clamps. However, for the widest field and best results with Takahashi telescopes, we recommend the larger diameter T2-12 adapter above.

As with all Baader Planetarium components, even these adapter rings exhibit an attention to function and detail. The thin profile preserves maximum back-focus, and the T2-03 includes an internal M34 thread, for installing a VIP Modular Barlow lens or Glasspath Compensator (for Baader/Zeiss Bino-Viewer). Now, your Vixen or Chinese telescope can utilize our flexible array of components to enable you to produce virtually any visual or imaging configuration that you can imagine. These Adapters are particularly useful for attaching our OPFA System (afocal and ocular projection) and Click-Lock Eyepiece Holder to your Takahashi or Vixen telescope.