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2" Deluxe eyepiece clamp for SC-telescope

Recommended in the version with filterholder or 60mm extension incl. 2x filter holder

The 2" Deluxe eyepiece clamp consists in the base version of two parts. The eyepiece clamp and a factory-mounted inner thread ring, that reduces the native telescope sided M58 inner thread to a 2" inner thread. In theVersion SC-Deluxe eyepiececlamp with 2" filter holder(#2958144) the third part is a M48 filter holder. This filterholder must be threaded onto the 2" telescope-thread to hold any of our 2" filters.

When both parts are threaded onto any SC-telescope, the combo looks like our normal 2" Deluxe-clamp, but the performance is much better than any 2" SC-clamp on the market, since the customer may seal the optical tube from dust and moisture and may cut off the unwanted parts of the light for their application, like using a UV/IR-Filter to cut the infrared - or use a nebula filter UHC-S or O III - or any other filter.

The important difference is that our 2" filters are optically polished to not destroy or impair the wavefront of light and to retain perfect sharpness even under high magnification.