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The Baader Hyperion Zoom Barlow quickly attaches to any Hyperion 8-24mmm Clickstop zoom eyepiece, instantly converting it into a 3.5-10.5mm Zoom. The matched optical design results in a virtually transparent 2.25X multiplication, without any optical compromises, essentially giving a 7X zoom range with outstanding optical performance throughout the 3.5-24mm range.

Highlights of the Hyperion Zoom Barlow Lens

  • Optically Matched for perfect optical performance with the Hyperion 8-24mm Clickstop Zoom.
  • Anastigmatic Flatfield Design.
  • Air-spaced triplet lens.
  • Baader Phantom Group Coatings on all air-glass surfaces
  • Fully internally baffled and blackened to eliminate stray light reflections
  • Enables dual 2"/1¼" Barrel Configuration with all Baader Hyperion Clickstop Zooms (MkI - MkIII)
  • Threaded for standard 1¼" filters.
  • Modular Design.

Outstanding as a general purpose Visual Barlow and Flatfield Projection Optic

  • Includes all adapters needed to couple to any 1¼" filter thread. Enables attachment to practically any 1¼"Eyepiece for use as a classic APO barlow.
  • Includes T-adapter to couple to any T-threaded component, camera, extension tubes, diagonal, etc.
Hyperion Zoom Barlow as a High-Quality Projection Optic and Standard Visual Barlow
Hyperion Zoom Barlow as a High-Quality Projection Optic and Standard Visual Barlow
The Hyperion Barlow works superbly with all DSLR and CCD cameras for projection imaging. The included T-2 Adapter enables the Barlow to be attached and configured with practically any camera, and is able to cover projection ratios of up to 5X through the use of extension tubes (such as our Astro T2 System). *
The Hyperion Zoom Barlow makes a superb variable magnification Barlow! (shown directly attached to 1¼The Hyperion Zoom Barlow makes a superb variable magnification Barlow! (shown directly attached to 1¼

The Hyperion Zoom Barlow makes a superb variable magnification Barlow!

(shown directly attached to 1¼"eyepiece filter threads with included adapter,

or T-2 prism diagonal via the included T-2 threaded adapter)

* The projection/amplification ratio can be determined by measuring from the lens assembly filter thread shoulder to the focal plane of the camera or eyepiece. The focal length of the barlow is approximately 60mm. For example, a magnification of 2X is achieved when the barlow is positioned 60mm ahead of the focal plane. At 120mm the magnification is 3X, and so on (1X per 60mm of spacing). When used with the included T-2 adapter and a DSLR (with T-ring, such as the new Baader Protective DSLR T-rings), the projection ratio is approx 2.2X.
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Customer Reviews

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Darren Hennig
A great accessory for your Baader Mark II/IV zoom EP - with caveats!

I got this recently from David Astro. Great service and fast shipping as always. While the accessory will WORK with the Baader Zooms, Mark III and Mark IV types, I found two things not convenient using this Barlow. Hence the four stars - generally, I love Baader stuff, and 99% of the Baader line is both a phenomenal value and exceptional quality!

1) First off: the adapter(s): the Barlow IMO, should have been able to mate onto the unit directly, in lieu of an extension tube. This adds some complexity to the arrangement, and makes the zoom stick out when used in 1.25" mode. It also runs the risk of an issue with some diagonals as well.

2) the back-focus requirement: while it is entirely normal to have this situation with almost ANY Barlow, I was surprised at HOW MUCH I required, given this was desgned for the specific Baader Hyperion Zoom! I was hoping (I guess unfoundedly) that the Barlow would only draw back focus minimally, or be almost parfocal with the zoom itself. This would have been amazing, if it were the case, but not so to be found here! :(

So, as such, I have to emply an extenderring to run 2" mode on the EP - not a huge deal, but a sort of pain, when going up to the zoom.

IMO, I wish these companies in general would aim for not only functionality but FORM as well. THINK about WHAT one is doing with this. It seems the main tenet here was to use for AP and not visual, so hence the T2 adapter inclusion in the kit.

On the other hand, this is a superb Barlow and in all fairness to the above comments, I think it acts almost invisibly in the light train, and fulfills Baader's reputation of being another superb accessory. I just wish these companies would stop just thinking AP, and remember visual as well more... :(

DHennig, Edmonton AB Canada