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  • Hyperion Zoom Adapter for M43 internal thread to SP54 external thread
  • This adapter allows the connection of all standard camera lenses with filter thread to the Hyperion Zoom 8-24mm Mark III (discontinued) and the Baader Hyperion Universal Zoom Mark IV, 8-24mm eyepiece (1¼" / 2") (#2454826), in order to use the eyepiece in conjunction with the camera lens as a so-called "afocal projection system"
  • The connection rings from this system are referred to as "Hyperion DT rings". All you need is the matching SP54 adapter for your filter thread. Adapters are available for most filter thread sizes.
  • Not suitable for Morpheus® 76 ° eyepieces. Morpheus version now available: Baader Morpheus® M43 / SP54 Adapter (#2954251)