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  • Laser-Collimator for easy collimation of your telescope in 1-2 minutes
  • High-quality, impact-resistant and highly accurate laser, with concealed setscrews
  • Precision-machined, hard-anodized barrel instead of the less accurate 1¼" chrome barrel
  • Handle protector made of silicone rubber facilitates handling with gloves
  • Suitable for Newton telescopes, instructions included
  • Can be used for SCT collimation if you center-dot secondary first. Please read the manual in the Dowloads tab before ordering the laser to make sure you are comfortable with the procedure.

Baader Planetarium has added a unique innovation to the laser collimator. The Laser Colli incorporates a viewable etched viewing plate which can be seen through the back of the laser collimator. This permits collimation of SCTs and small diameter closed tube Newtonians, instruments that were difficult or impossible to collimate using a conventional single beam laser collimator.

Each collimator is individually lathe aligned for accurate collimation. The one-piece die-cast and machined aluminum housing guarantees a stable alignment. The compact size and lightweight make the Laser Colli an indispensable tool that is handy to keep in anyone's eyepiece box (thought we doubt too many will find use as a keychain..).