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  • Consists of 3 parts: #26/#34/#35
  • Converts a T-2 external thread in a T-2 internal thread, and a T-2 internal thread in a T-2 external thread
  • With T-2 counter ring - a digital camera can be locked in any rotational position. Acts as a normal T-2 extension ring with 12mm (or 10mm) length
  • Together with the rings (T-2 component # 25A - 15mm) / # 25B - 40mm) / # 25C - 7.5mm) can be almost) realized (any required length accurately and torsion.

Inverter T-2e/T-2e (# T2-26)

The Inverter is a simple T-2 externally threaded ring, which can be used to convert internal T-2 threads to external T-2 threads (gender changer). It is also useful for retaining certain components, like the Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor when used with the Celestron/Baader 60° Bino-Viewer in 2" configuration.

T-2 Conversion Ring (10mm thick, 49mm OD) (# T2-34)

The #34 T-2 Conversion Ring is an internally threaded ring, which can be used to convert external T-2 threads into internal T-2 threads.

T-2 Locking Ring (2mm path length, 6mm overall thickness, 49mm OD) (# T2-35)

The #35 internal T-2 Locking Ring can be used with T-2 extension tubes to enable you to adjust and securely lock the rotation of the stack. Simply thread the T2-35 onto the external T-2 threads of the component, adjust the rotation as desired, and lock the T2-35 against the component.