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  • This T2 to 2″ Eyepiece Tube Adapter allows the use of 2″ eyepieces with Lunt Solar Systems blocking filters, CaK modules, and all telescopes with the exception of the LS35THa.
  • Simply unthread the 1.25″ eyepiece barrel from the blocking filter or CaK module, and replace it with the 2″ model.

Do you want to use 2″ eyepieces with your Lunt solar telescope or solar filter? Simply remove the 1.25″ eyepiece tube from your blocking filter and thread on this T2 to 2″ adapter. The brass compression ring inside the metal adapter keeps your eyepiece barrels safe from thumbscrew scratches.

You can use this adapter on Lunt blocking filters, H-alpha & Ca-K telescopes (except the LS35THa), and Ca-K modules.