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This Combo B1 is included as a standard accessory with the QHY268M and the QHY600 Short Back Focus version. It allows to reach a 55mm back focus.

Kit Content

  • 5mm M54 to M48 Adapter*1
  • 3mm Spacer*3
  • 1mm Spacer*1
  • 10mm Spacer*1
  • 24mm M3 Screws*8
  • 28mm M3 Screws*8


  • QHY268M/QHY600 Short BFL+CFW3L+OAG

Diagrams for Combo B1

QHY Combo B1 Diagram 1


  1. If your MPCC requires a BFL different from 55mm, this adjustment can be made by selecting the appropriate spacer between the MPCC and the OAG. For example, an MPCC that requires 57.5mm can be used instead by adding a spacer ring or rings that add 2.5mm of BFL. to the diagram above.
  2. If you don’t use an OAG, you can use a 10mm spacer adapter in the adapter kits to replace the original position of OAG.
  3. Put OAG at the position next to the M48 Output to make both main cam and guiding cam focused.

QHY Combo B1 Diagram 2

QHY Combo B1 Diagram 3