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The new 3inch full frame reducer for 140PH APO is made of high quality metal, beautiful shape, the focal ratio is reduced from the original F6.5 to F4.8, combined with 140PH APO to provide crystal clear image and bright peripheral stars, it is an indispensable accessory for astronomy enthusiasts.

Adopt triplet air-spaced design, including 360°rotator and M48 thread.

Fully considering the needs of pro users, the back focus including rotator is the standard 55mm, user can also unscrew the rotator to make the back focus of 105mm.

The front thread is M88X1, which is directly connected to the 140PH 4-inch focuser adapter, making it a professional astrography combination. The product is fully optimized designed to meet your stringent requirements for image quality, is an absolutely necessary product for astrography.


Suitable model: 140PH
Reducing focal ratio: F4.8
Image circle: 44mm
The lens number: Triplet
The largest diameter: 88mm
Back focus: 55mm
Total length: 106mm
Surface coating: Full surface Multi-Coated
Weight: 0.9kg