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The dedicated full-frame reducer of SHARPSTAR 61EDPH, which meets the need of full-frame photography. The reducer is equipped with a 2.3" tube, one end of which adopts a M63×1 thread and connects to the pinion focuser of the primary mirror. The other end adopts a M48×0.75 thread, the focal plane is 55mm from the end interface. If you need to expand, it can measure up to 99mm by removing the end interface and adapting your own accessories, which fully meets the requirements of a wide range of photographic accessories. The reducer features a triplet air-spaced structure, which helps to support full-frame photography and achieve excellent perimeter dimmer control. The reducer is specifically designed for deep-space widefield astro photography with a focal length of 275mm and a focal ratio of f/4.5.
In addition, the 360-degree rotator allows you to easily rotate the camera to achieve the best image framing.


Suitable model: 61EDPH
Reducing focal ratio: F4.5
Image circle: 44mm
The lens number: Triplet
The tube diameter: 65mm(primary mirror connecting ring 75mm)
Back focus: 55mm
Total length: 95mm (including M48 thread)
Surface coating: Full surface Multi-Coated
Weight: 0.45kg