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Since appearing on the market of SharpStar 61EDPH, it has been widely praised by astrophotography enthusiasts. However, SharpStar has not been satisfied with this, actively satisfies user needs and causes them to obtain the positive user experience, and is committed to the development of professional telescope. Hence, the 61EDPH II with high performance and versatility was born.
Newly upgraded 61EDPH Il Refractor continues the efficiently optical performance of the original model, it features a Triplet air-spaced APO design with a focal length of 335mm and a focal ratio of f/5.5, and includes a piece of extra-low dispersion ED glass, thus offers superior sharpness under chromatic aberration correction in wide field observing and imaging. It is provided a portable and powerful-small format tube with higher optical performance. The anodized tube rings with hollow design and streamlined handles is stylish beautiful, accessories can be attached. The 61EDPH II Equipment also includes a 10cm dovetail plate, it have a screw-hole in the center that allows the camera to be mounted to a tripod for photography. The back-end is equipped with a medium 2.5" rack and pinion precision focuser to be used with a large dedicated reducer.
61EDPH II uses the same smooth and solid F4.5 full-frame focal reducer to match their lens. The 2.3" reducer’s drawtube has a female M63×1 thread for the focuser of objective lens, the other end supplied external male M48×0.75 thread adapter for your camera to ensure the 55mm back focus requirement is satisfied. If you need to extend it, the back focus can be up to 99mm by unscrewing the back adapter and configuring the adapter ring. The reducer features a triplet air-spaced lens, which supports full-frame optics, and eliminates color-fringing for exceptional control, available in 275mm focal length, for an immersive deep-sky object astrophotography experience.
The SharpStar 61EDPH II F5.5 refractor features almost the same aperture, focal length, appearance, and size as the original model. On the basis of the first-generation, the 61EDPH II choose to optimize it on the core objective lens. In addition, the reducer is rotatable for composing a shot. Hence a full-frame DSLR will field 360 degrees.


Aperture: 61mm
Limiting star magnitude: 10.7
Focal ratio: F5.5
Resolution:1.93 arc seconds
Overall tube length: 235mm(indented)
Accessories: A piece of tube ring, a dovetail plate, a handle
Main tube outer diameter: 80mm
Net weight: 1.5kg (sans tube ring and dovetail plate)
Total weight: 1.9kg (including tube ring and dovetail plate)
Objective type: Triplet air-spaced APO (one of which is ultra-low dispersion ED glass)