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Brand new 94EDPH is the third model in the SHARPSTAR EDPH series. The 94mm aperture refractor with 517mm (f/5.5) focal length is an amazing performer, it features triplet air-spaced objective, rather special is it incorporates two pieces of extra-low dispersion ED glass, which offers superior contrast and sharpness as well as virtually no detectable chromatic aberration. Adhering to the crafted design concept of EDPH series, the new 94EDPH is elegant, durable and lightweight, which is sure to bring you more pleasant experience. This is such a portable APO refractor can achieve amazing results for both astrophotography and serious visual observing.
It is also favorable for updating with sharing a same reducer model with 76EDPH.
After using the reducer, it also has a focal ratio of F4.5, which supports full-frame images, bringing more possibilities for deep-sky imaging.
If you want to choose a high-quality, portable, large-aperture, fast focal ratio apochromatic refractor telescope, 94EDPH will be one of your most ideal choices.


Aperture: 94mm
Limiting star magnitude: 11.62
Focal ratio: F5.5
Resolution:1.28 arc seconds
Overall tube length: 468mm
Accessories: A piece of tube ring, a dovetail plate, a handle
Main tube outer diameter: 118mm
Weight: 3.3kg
Objective type: Triplet air-spaced APO (two of which are ultra-low dispersion ED glass)