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TS PHOTON 8" f/5 Newtonian telescope - for observing and astrophotography

This telescope is a true all-rounder and ranks among the best in this range. Through the versatile focal ratio of f/5, the Newtonian offers best prerequisites for lunar and planetary observations. The optimized secondary mirror is designed for deep-sky observations as well as for astrophotography.

The advantages of the PHOTON Newtonian at a glance:

♦ Moderate focal ratio for short exposure times for astrophotography.
♦ Very high sharpness on moon and planets
♦ Secondary mirror provides good illumination, for example for DSLR cameras
♦ Large backfocus allows using popular coma correctors and cameras
♦ High-quality primary mirror of optical BK7 glass with enhanced 94% reflectivity coating provides a bright, clear image.
♦ Stable 2" Crayford focuser with 10:1 dual speed and 1.25" reduction adapter
♦ Motor focus can be retrofitted at any time
♦ Quicker cooling down, quicker observing, quicker photographing through fan for the primary mirror
♦ Steel tube and metal mirror cells for optimal adjustment stability
♦ Only available from TS: carbon tube for retrofitting - for ultimative transportation