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William Optics STC Ultra Layer Astro Multispectra Filter - 48mm

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  • Multi-bandpass filter for astrophotography
  • 48mm thread-on design for easy attachment
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  • Description
  • The William Optics STC Ultra Layer Astro Multispectra Filter is a versatile astrophotography filter designed to enhance the capture of various deep-sky objects. This multi-bandpass filter allows transmission of specific wavelengths associated with common nebular emissions while reducing light pollution and sky glow.


    Designed primarily for astrophotography. May not be suitable for visual observation. Ensure compatibility with your camera and telescope setup before purchasing.

    Filter Design

    Features a sophisticated multi-layer coating design that allows transmission of multiple important emission lines, including H-alpha, H-beta, OIII, and SII. This multi-bandpass configuration enables the capture of various types of nebulae and other deep-sky objects in a single exposure.

    William Optics STC Ultra Layer Astro Multispectra Filter - 48mm front view


    William Optics STC Ultra Layer Astro Multispectra Filter - 48mm in case

    Provides excellent light transmission within the specified bandpasses while effectively blocking unwanted wavelengths. This results in high-contrast images with reduced light pollution effects, allowing for clearer, more detailed captures of various deep-sky objects.


    Ideal for photographing a wide range of deep-sky objects, including emission nebulae, planetary nebulae, and supernova remnants. The multi-bandpass design allows for capturing multiple emission types simultaneously, providing a comprehensive representation of celestial structures.


    Crafted with high-quality optical glass and precision multi-layer coatings to ensure durability and optimal performance. The filter is housed in a robust metal frame to protect the delicate optical surfaces and facilitate easy handling and installation.


    Features a 48mm thread-on design, making it compatible with many telescopes, camera lenses, and imaging setups that accept 48mm filters. This size is particularly common in astrophotography configurations, offering versatility across different equipment setups.

    Imaging Efficiency

    By selectively transmitting important emission lines while blocking light pollution, this filter allows for improved signal-to-noise ratio and potentially shorter exposure times, especially under light-polluted skies. This can lead to more efficient imaging sessions and the ability to capture more targets in a single night.


    The multi-bandpass nature of this filter makes it a versatile choice for various deep-sky targets. It can be used effectively with both monochrome and color cameras, offering flexibility in imaging techniques and post-processing options.