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The ZWO new Nikon-T2-Ⅱ adapter is independently developed by ZWO. It’s composed of a 29mm new Nikon-T2 adapter and a 5mm T2 extender, and suitable for all ASI cameras except full frame cameras like ASI6200 and ASI2400.

You can use 2″ IR-CUT filter with the adapter.

ZWO New Nikon-T2-Ⅱ Adapter-suitable for all ASI cameras

Connection method:

1. With ASI cooled cameras (ASI533/183/294/1600/071/2600)

ZWO New Nikon-T2-Ⅱ Adapter-Connection-Method-1

2. With ASI non-cooled cameras

  • ASI1600/294/183/174 (17.5mm back focus length)

ZWO New Nikon-T2-Ⅱ Adapter-Connection-Method-2

  • ASI178/385/462/290/224/120 (12.5mm back focus length)

ZWO New Nikon-T2-Ⅱ Adapter-Connection-Method-3

What’s in the box?

ZWO New Nikon-T2-Ⅱ Adapter-Package-list